Research  directions of the department

  • study of epidemiology of endocrine diseases in the Republic of Moldova;
  • clinical, hormonal, immune and treatment particularities of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome and isolated endocrine pathologies of autoimmune genesis;
  • age-dependent specific features of diabetes mellitus;
  • diabetic angiopathy;
  • obesity.

 information about  doctoral theses / postdoc supported the last 3 years

  • Vîrtosu A. ”Interrelations of thyroid dysfunctions with diabetes mellitus type 2”.
  • Gaibu  N. “Clinical, hormonal and metabolic aspects, treatment and prophilactic measures in patients with first revealed diabetic nephropathy”.
  • Chiriac A. „Clinical, pathogenetical and treatment aspects of diabetes mellitus type 1 first revealed in children”.